MGNA Projects & Teams

MGNA Projects and Teams

The following are MGNA Projects within the greater Huntsville area including City of Madison and Madison County. These projects are supported by MGNA, Inc.  Volunteers are members and friends of MGNA inc.

Being a Master Gardener means you are a resource person for your community. There are so many ways to be an active Master Gardener…. browse this page on the various ways Master Gardeners of North Alabama get involved and help our community “grow!”

Hands-on Projects:

These MGNA sponsored projects in the community involve hands on work typically in an outdoor setting.

Description: MGNA has adopted areas in the Huntsville area since 1994. The areas are landscaped and flowers planted and maintained by Master Gardener volunteers.
Location:  Huntsville and Madison
Project Chair:  David Grey
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MGNACompost-DemoWeb FunFest 4
Description: This is an active three bin, welded wire, composting system maintained by MG volunteers. Free composting literature is available at the site which explains how to construct and operate a compost system. The system being demonstrated is the type recommended by the Botanical Gardens and the Master Gardeners of North Alabama for the backyard gardener. Volunteers will also promote composting and the various techniques at events by request.
Location: Huntsville Botanical Garden (Adjacent the Demonstration Vegetable Garden)
Project Chair:  Bill Fuller
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Description: It's an edible classroom on display! The DVG demonstrates a range of proven gardening techniques; from traditional row style to small plot and raised-bed methods. Warm and cool season vegetables are grown seasonally. A rain water collection barrel and compost demonstration site are also nearby. MGNA volunteers maintain and answer visitor's questions on a regular schedule.
Location: Huntsville Botanical Garden
Project Chairs:  Tom Simpson, Carolyn Wade
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Therapy Group
Description: Horticulture Therapy involves working with and teaching special needs adults who attend the Adult Day Care at the Huntsville Senior Center.Activities include planting, weeding and harvesting plants in their outdoor courtyard. Table activities are also included which always involve gardening activities
Location:  Huntsville Senior Center
Project Chair:  Jean Lake
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Description: Master Gardeners teach elementary school children basic gardening skills using the school greenhouse, raised beds and an outdoor courtyard. Each student designs, plants and tends their own ‘patch’ of garden. We expand their nutritional awareness by introducing fresh vegetable tasting.
Location:  Morris P-8, Huntsville
Project Chair:  Carolyn Wade
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pH Testing
Description: Soil acidity (pH) is a critical factor in successful gardening. Trained MGNA volunteers offer free basic pH soil testing at Huntsville Botanical Garden events such as the Spring and Fall Plant Sales, Master Gardener Day, and other events as needed around Huntsville and Madison. Volunteers also provide information on how to properly collect and submit soil samples for complete pH testing and analysis by our Alabama Extension Services (see link for more information).
Project Chair:  Sonja Wood
Contact Information:

Educational & Outreach Projects

One key aspect of being a Master Gardener is extending knowledge about gardening subjects to others. The projects below involve MGNA members doing just that!

Description: The connection between a home and it's landscape is important! Master Gardeners have been providing educational and support services for the landscaping of new Habitat Homes. This includes design of the landscape, acquisition of materials, and instruction on installation and maintenance of the landscape.
Location: Huntsville
Project Chairs:  Ameree Young and Acacia Moore
Contact Information:
Description: Master Gardeners provide valuable phone desk support for the community by staffing the Extension Help desk at the Madison County Extension Office on a volunteer basis. Information is collected via the phone or in person. When answers prove difficult to confirm, they are forwarded on to Extension staff for resolution.
Location: Cooperative Extension Office, 819 Cook Ave., Huntsville, AL
Project Chair:  Connie Carr
Contact Information:
Description: The Speaker's Bureau is a list of active Master Gardeners who have prepared presentations on various horticulture-related subjects and will present them to community groups upon request.
Project Chair:  Melissa Kirkindall
Contact Information:
Description: Learn to do it the right way - from growing that perfect lawn to dealing with pests or diseased or damaged trees.In support of our Extension Services MGNA offers seasonal, affordable and relevant horticultural workshops to the public. The more you know, the more you grow!
Location: Various
Project Chair: Rosie Rymut
Contact Information:
Description: This team leads outreach activities at various community events, such as the Family Fun Fest at the VBC.
Location: Various
Project Chair:  Eugene Roberts

Admin Teams and Chairs

MGNA is an association of trained Master Gardeners. Along with being service oriented, we are also social! These are the MGNA teams and chairs who lead, organize and engage our membership activities.

Description: Annual Volunteer Awards are presented to recipients at our Christmas Social in December. Monthly "Give a Hand" awards are drawn at monthly meetings.
Location: Monthly Meeting Location
Project Chair:  Suzanne Kirkuff
Contact Information:
Description: MGNA's large communication team is made up of volunteers sharing their time and talent to support how we communicate within our membership and across the community. Team members maintain this Web site (, our ACES Web site (for MGNA members only) and help write, edit and take photos for our online, bi-monthly newsletter, the "Garden Thymes." Communication volunteers also maintain email distribution lists, design flyers for MGNA workshops and events and coordinate publicity.
Project Chairs:  Meredith Kilby, Sue Khoury
Contact Information:
Description: Master Gardeners love to explore, share and have fun! MGNA organizes social events for its members throughout the year. There's field trips to area gardens, garden tours, picnics, fundraisers and our very special holiday party that wraps up our membership year.
Location: Various
Project Chairs:  Multiples
Contact Information:
Description: The Membership Chair is responsible for collecting Members dues annually. To join MGNA, you must be a certified Master Gardener or Provisional Master Gardener Intern.
Project Chair:  Elouisa Stokes
Contact Information:
Description: MGNA's Project / Volunteer Coordinator is the POC for MGNA project chairs, assisting both the Board of Directors and Chairs in volunteer recruitment, project job descriptions and budgeting.
Project Chair:  Susan Meyer
Contact Information:
Description: All fundraising efforts go to support the MGNA projects in our community. Fundraising efforts include; MGNA's Plant Sale, MGNA apparel and accessories sales.
Project Chair:  Cyndi Lindblom
Contact Information:
Description: Volunteers create inviting window displays and participate in the annual Community Christmas Tree display at the Huntsville Public Library.
Location: Huntsville Public Library
Project Chairs:  June Wilson & Sharon Darty, Kathie Gillies
Contact Information:,
Description: Grant Applications are due in October. See application below for complete details.
Grant Application Link    |  History & Qualifying Criteria
Project Chair:  Janet Boothe
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