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Welcome to the all new “MGINFO.ORG” Website!

Here’s a quick overview of the Home page for those of you who may be used to the old website which is no more

Getting Around

  • The link to Enter Master Volunteer Hours is at the bottom left side of page.
  • To return to the home page, click on the MGNA Logo (top of page)
  • To access the menu on a mobile or tablet sized device… click on the “three bars” to reveal a fly out menu.  Press “X” to hide the flyout menu.

What are some new features I should be excited about?

  • Project Information can be found on the Community Projects page  under the top menu:  “What We Do”  menu header. The projects have been grouped by their general area of interest and will expand when you click on them.
  • There is an Intern Page with a FAQ section and resources for those who are just starting out on their Master Gardener adventure!
  • Check out the “Garden Thymes” Archive Page!   As time is available we’ll add additional resources to this area, though some content may just be for active MGNA, members only.

Site Design  & Why it is the way it is….

  • The top half of the site (and top menu) is geared for first time visitors, our regular visitors looking for resources / information.
  • The middle portion of the site is geared for everyone to explore the Master Gardener program and view events and opportunities.
  • The bottom portion of the site is geared for active Master Gardeners, needing to find information, forms and links to other MG related affiliates
  • The left hand column shows our upcoming events.  This is being pulled from our official MGNA Calendar which is updated regularly. You can find a monthly view under the top menu
  • The right hand side of the site will feature special, ongoing initiatives, such as our Jane R. Parks Community Grant Info.